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Current PicHello, my name is Shane Yuen and I’m a freelance copywriter and conversion specialist.

If you’ve landed on this page, it probably means that you’re looking for a copywriter that can help you make more sales from your ads or websites. But I suspect you’re facing a problem right now – with so many copywriters and agencies out there, how do you decide which is best for you? One thing’s for sure – at the end of the day, you want to…

  • ENSURE your investment carries MINIMAL risk.
  • ENSURE you’ll get your money back.

If so, then I’d like to introduce you to my copywriting service – a service that relies on a scientific approach to writing copy, so that you’ll have the highest chance of making more money from your ads or websites.

The Science Of Writing Copy That Sells


Because of my scientific approach to writing copy, I have an extremely high chance of getting results for every client.

Nothing is really “left to chance.” I use real data, and real-world insights to craft copy that makes money.

Of course, I don’t always win. No copywriter does.

But with the combination of the following 5 factors that serve as the ultimate conversion-boosting framework, the odds are in my favor, and yours too.

1. An almost impeccable research system, known as Triggerlytics, developed to be pinpoint accurate in finding out exactly what your customers want.

Precise ResearchAsk any top copywriter in the world and they will all agree with me – the absolute foundation to writing copy that sells is research.

Research shows you what your prospects REALLY want.

When you know what’s going on in your prospects’ mind, you can easily show them the exact message that makes them pull their wallets out.

The research system I’ve developed, known as Triggerlytics, probes into the minds of your prospects to capture their deepest desires, and allows me unleash them on your website.

2. Real-World persuasion techniques that boost every ounce of conversion possible.

I speak of proven techniques such as:

  • The growth of salesThe Irresistible Headline Formula – The proven formula to crafting headlines that “FORCES” people to read your ad (The more people read your ad, the more sales you make).
  • Scientific Persuasive Positioning – You have lots of competitors. How do you stand out? By applying certain formulas and calculations, I’ll help you position your copy so that it cuts through the clutter, becomes memorable, and gets people to BUY.
  • Stealth Persuasion – Nobody likes to be sold to. Think about the last time a salesman approached you. You hated it too. That’s why I’ll help you sell your prospects INDIRECTLY, and SLASH away their sales resistance, so that you “sell” them without them feeling sold to. This causes them to gradually “buy into” your ads and SELL THEMSELVES on buying your product.
  • Objection Vaporization – The simple technique to identify your prospects’ objections and then vaporize them so that they evaporate into thin air and disappear. Applying this alone can cause a lot more of your prospects to pull out their wallets.
  • “Scanner-Proof” Persuasion – Most of your prospects will not read your copy entirely. They will scan it. I’m sure you scan websites too right? Your copy MUST be scannable and yet still persuasive for people. While other people write copy that cannot be scanned and LOSE sales as a result, you won’t have to worry because I’ll help you persuade scanners with this simple technique.
  • Testimonial Persuasion Architecture – Did you know that testimonials are NOT created equal? I’ll help you structure your testimonials to make them WAY more persuasive and possibly bring you more sales.
  • The secret proof element that establishes you as an expert even if you DON’T have testimonials or a long list of credentials.
  • The little-known “abstract” technique that automatically and ethically persuades prospects without them even knowing it (This technique is so powerful that our brains are HARD-WIRED to be persuaded by it. And you can use it whenever possible to increase response).

3. A closely guarded 4-point approach that repeatedly results in blockbuster conversions

AnalyticsThe approach I take to writing copy is not some random approach that I came up with in my dream.

  • It is a tested and proven, closely guarded, 4-point approach used only by master copywriters in the world.
  • It is also the same approach used by the best copywriter in the world, Gary Bencivenga, whom I’ve learned most of my craft from.
  • It is also the very same approach I’ve used to achieve a 100% (double) increase in conversion rates for a client.

4. Knowing exactly what works in the real world from in-depth analysis of blockbuster ads and split tests

It doesn’t matter how much a copywriter “studies” his craft by reading the class copywriting books.

The only thing that matters is at knowing what really works in the real-world, for your market.

By rigorously peeling the skin of successful ads and understanding what makes them successful, and having come across various split tests,I gain insights that are PROVEN to work in any market.

5. Building on a quality product

Premium qualityHere’s the shocking fact: Good copy alone is not enough to achieve a high conversion rate.

A high conversion is only possible with a quality product.

When I take on a client, I research the product for days or even weeks.

I examine the product like how a forensic scientist would examine materials for evidence – extremely thoroughly, down to the tiniest detail.

I survey customers, interview the product development team, marketing managers, and any other suitable personnel.

If possible, I even use the product myself.

Then I look at your competitors and find a unique selling point to help you cut through the clutter and stand out in the minds of your customers.

Once I have this, the battle is half won.

I build the entire campaign around it and explain to your customers both logically and emotionally, why your product is the best for them.

It has been repeatedly proven in test results that the combination of a good product and good advertising is the “Golden Key” to breakthrough conversions – a combination that is impossible to beat.

If you’re interested in what I’ve said so far, then see if you can meet…

The 2 Qualifying Criteria

1) You must have a product or service that honestly helps people.

I won’t help you sell a scam or something that I don’t fully believe in. It simply goes against my ethics.

I’ve also mentioned that the key to breakthrough conversions is the combination of a good product and good copy.

If you don’t have a quality product, we simply cannot work together.

2) You must understand the immense value that copywriting can bring to your business.

I will be honest – my fees are not the cheapest. But that’s because my quality is only reserved for people who understand the value of good copy and how it can significantly increase their business.

If you’re here to price-shop, then I’m probably not your guy.

If you’re looking for someone who can be an asset to your business and can grow your business by SEVERAL fold, then you’re in the right place.

Of course, I understand that my 2 criteria are not for everyone.

Instead, they are for those who…

  • Understand the true value of a higher conversion rate, and how it can change your business forever.
  • Want a top sales weapon on their team, forging the path to the BREAKTHROUGH sales figures.
  • Know that hiring a professional, just like anything else in life, you usually get what you pay for.

If you agree with the 2 criteria above, then I’d love to work with you.

Would you like the ultimate sales weapon that forges the path to higher conversions, with LOW risk on your part?

If so, I invite you to contact me by for a free, no-obligation consultation where we will explore the possibilities of a winning partnership.

Simply fill up the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

To higher conversions with lesser risk,


PS: I hate to sound dramatic, but the fact is that every minute you wait now is potential sales LOST.

The traffic coming to your site and leaving at this very moment is potential sales LOST.

Considering how a small increase in conversion rate can boost your sales by several fold, how much more revenue could you be making if you act faster?

The faster you act, the more sales you will “save” and the more revenue you will make.

If you want to make more sales FAST, then contact me for a no-obligation consultation to increase your revenue as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.