How to make people buy from you even if you have no reputation, no brand, no nothing

Imagine coming across a landing page by an unknown company, with a headline that says…

“Revolutionary Waterproof Spray Keeps You Shoes, Shirt, and Pants 100% Dry Even If You Were In The Middle Of a Flood!” (totally made up headline by the way)


Would you believe it?

If you would, you’re probably borderline psycho.

Not many people would believe a claim like that right off the bat, especially if that company has no reputation or brand.

But what if the company uploaded a video on their landing page like the one below?


That was my first reaction when I saw that video.

Now if you came across the the same landing page with this video on it, would believe the its claim to keep things dry?

If your answer is yes, then you’ve been captured by the persuasive power of demonstration.

And this, my dear reader, is the key to making people believe you even if you’re a nobody.

It doesn’t matter if you have no reputation whatsoever. If you can demonstrate that everything you claim is true, then people will believe you.

The Power of Demonstration

Ever heard of the phrase to see is to believe?

You probably have.

It’s damn cliche.

But it’s also damn true.

Here’s why demonstration is so powerful.

Demonstration is a form of PROOF, and proof sells because proof makes claims believable. I’ve mentioned many times before that people are getting more and more skeptical nowadays.


Because they are bombarded up hyped up marketing messages everywhere they go!

That’s why smart marketers do not ramp up the hype. They know that creating more hype without any proof will only lead to customers walking away in disbelief.

Smart marketers create proof so their prospects believe them.

And one way of creating proof is through demonstration.

When you demonstrate, you help people see so that they believe.

That’s why infomercials are still alive and have resulted in millions of dollars worth of sales.

That’s why companies like Apple and Microsoft continuously conduct keynotes to launch new products.

It’s all about of demonstration.

When people see, they believe.

And this doesn’t just apply to physical products.

Sell a software?

Create a video to clearly demonstrate how your software works.

Sell an app?

Same thing.

Sell information products?

Create videos or write content to demonstrate your expertise on the subject.

Not many people know this – Content marketing CAN serve as a form of demonstration.

When you write a piece of content sharing your knowledge on a subject matter, you’re actually demonstrating your expertise.

And over time, you’re actually secretly persuading the prospect whether you or your prospect realise it or not!

Demonstration is one of the less spoke about persuasion techniques, but it’s very powerful.

The mere demonstration of your product or knowledge makes your claims much more believable.

So there you have it – yet another weapon to add to your persuasion arsenal.

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