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Current PicHello. My name is Shane Yuen and I’m the guy behind Trigger360.

I’m a freelance copywriter, digital marketing strategist, and, as I’d like to say, online persuasionist, from sunny Singapore.

Trigger360 was started with the belief that people who know how to persuade online can change the world.


Because when you know how to persuade people online, you can build a ridiculously successful business at low cost, skyrocket sales for your company, spread your messages like wildfire, and change the lives of thousands or even millions of people.

Through a holistic approach to conversion optimization and online persuasion strategies, Trigger360 helps…

  • Startups become profitable companies.
  • Good businesses become GREAT businesses.
  • The “little guy” compete with the big companies.

Because every startup and small business owner’s main struggle at the start is acquiring customers and lack of cashflow…

Trigger360′s mission is to help you acquire more customers than you ever thought you could, as cheaply as possible.

By providing conversion and digital marketing services, Trigger360 makes acquiring more customers “one-click” simple and cheaper than ever, so that you can focus on doing what you love – build great products and change the world.

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I can still remember the day it all started.

I was surfing the net one fine afternoon, and then suddenly, I came across news that someone was making 5 figures a month as a blogger.

That was my first introduction to digital marketing.

I was fascinated with everything on the internet and skipped college to start my first online business, thinking that I had stumbled upon gold and that the world was at my feet.

Of course, I would later let my initial naivety fool me. Digital marketing wasn’t that simple.

My first online business ended up in total failure.

Many months later, after continuously suffering painful lessons from the relentless school of hard knocks, I finally saw the secret to running a wildly successful website.

The secret to running a successful website relies completely it’s visitor value. The higher the visitor value, the more successful the website can be.

Since most startups and small to mid sized businesses have websites, the secret to vastly increasing the chances of startup/small business success is to have a high visitor value for your website.

Thus, I started Trigger360 to answer this one question:

How to make more web visitors buy and keep them coming back.

I believe that boosting online sales goes way beyond conversion rate optimization and that relying on conversion rate optimization alone is a very myopic way of growing a business.

That’s because conversion rate optimization doesn’t turn customers into repeat buyers and doesn’t show prospects WHY they should buy from you in the first place.

Very few prospects land on a website and decides to buy immediately.

When your prospects do a search on Google and compares you with your competitors, how do you persuade your prospects that you’re the best choice?

These are the things that conversion rate optimization cannot control.

And these are the things that Trigger360 talks about.

Trigger360 goes beyond conversion rate optimization and shows you how to implement a 360 Conversion Structure (which persuasion plays a huge part in) to achieve your next sales breakthrough.

I cover copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, online branding, online marketing strategy, and some seriously entertaining rants about the digital marketing world.

If this interests you, then I invite you to join me as I explore the art and science of converting more web visitors into customers, making those customers buy from your over and over again, and generally dominating your market online.

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